Movie Thoughts 6-8-2013

Much Ado About Nothing did not open in my non-select movie city.   (It is not opening in any city within 122 miles of my non-select movie city.) I was pretty sure it wouldn’t but that is still a bit disappointing.    Apparently the movie chains in my area don’t think we want to see a Shakespearean film.  The movie is getting mostly good reviews. so I’ll look for it on DVD or maybe it will sneak over to my non-select movie city in a few weeks.

Instead, I get the Internship and the Purge.  Oh, joy.  Vince Vaughn is playing the same character he does in every movie  in the last six or eight years and he’s re-teaming with Owen Wilson.   (This is eight years after Wedding Crashers, which I liked well enough but isn’t a classic.)  I think I am a bit tired of both actors and the reviews are pretty bad.  I can skip it.

The Purge is a horror movie/thriller with an interesting premise.  The idea is once a year there is a 12 hour lawless time called the purge.  I am not sure why any country would want to do this but maybe it could be interesting to explore the consequences of the idea.  Some critics suggested the movie uses its central idea just to make the movie seem less than like a home invasion thriller but it turns into a standard home invasion thriller.

NBA Finals game one was Thursday night and there were a lot of ads for movies.  I think there were 3 different ads for White House Down, 2 ads for Grown Ups 2, and one ad for the Lone Ranger and one ad for Pacific Rim.  It seemed like a lot of adds for movies.

Epic did not hit it big. I might get the DVD for my nieces and nephew later.

The Man of Steel Opens next week.  I hope it is good.  I am just unsure if it will be good.  If it is not good, that would be disappointing.

Will Smith’s After Earth is the first bomb of the summer.  I wonder how it will effect his career.  I guess it could still make some money overseas.


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