DVD/Blu-ray thoughts 6-9-2013

Warm Bodies holds up on a second viewing.  It feels like it was just in theaters, though.  The soundtrack is good too.  The idea of a zombie love story still seems a bit odd (I don’t think this will become a trend).  I haven’t read the novel the movie is based on, so I cannot say how close the movie is to the novel.  I think this counts as my romantic comedy for the year so far.  I am not sure if this means the romantic comedy genre is in trouble.

The Last Stand held up on a second viewing too.  It is fun.  It is not a classic but it was nice return to big screen stardom for Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There were not too many references to Schwarzenegger’s age.   No references to him getting older would have been odd but too many would hurt the movie.  The movie  is a little better than Stallone’s a Bullet to the Head (which I liked).

Godzilla vs Biolante is fun too.  I have the 2012 Blu-ray and it looks pretty good.  It took a fairly long for the monster showdown but it was fun when it happened.

Oz the Great and Powerful comes on DVD this week.  I am almost ready to see it again.

upcoming Blu-rays/DVDs

  • the Producers (July 2nd)
  • Bullet to the Head (July 16th)
  • GI JOE Retaliation (July 30th)
  • Justice League the Flashpoint Paradox (July 30th)

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