Movie Trailer Thoughts

The trailer for Machete Kills is out.  I am amazed that people are excited about this.  The first  movie was kind of fun but I”ve never felt the desire to see it again.  I am  not a film snob, I have Mortal Kombat on Blu-Ray.  I probably won’t go see this movie.

Apparently the movie theaters want shorter movie trailers.  I’ve seen conflicting reports on why theaters want shorter trailers.  I’ve seen one article that suggests that theaters want to show more trailers but don’t want to start the movies later.  Movie theaters charge studios now to play trailers, so showing more shorter trailers could mean more money.  This trend started years ago but became more prevalent lately.

I’ve seen other articles that suggest the theaters feel too much is given away in a  longer trailer and that this hurts ticket sales. I am  not sure if I buy that.  There is so much that influences your decision to go to a movie: trailers, reviews, competition, genre preferences, and whether you liked the actor’s or director’s last film.  If, for example, you haven’t liked Vince Vaughn’s last two  or three films maybe even a really good trailer might not convince you to see his latest film.  Or if you don’t like superhero movies, I don’t think any trailer will tempt to go to the new X-men movie.

I go to about thirty or more  movies a year, so I see a fair amount of movie trailers.  I don’t think most trailers  give too much away or are too long but I feel that there are too many trailers.  There is the occasional movie trailer that seems too long but that might be because I am not that interested in the movie.  Below are my three wishes for movie trailers

  • No more than 5 trailers before each movie (often after the fifth trailer, I get impatient to get the movie started)
  • Pull the trailers earlier (I feel like the trailer for Savages played forever; that Machete movie opens in September and its trailer is already  showing in theaters in early June)
  • Match the trailer to the movie better (Sometimes the choice of trailer to play before the movie seems odd; I’ve been to two  or three horror movies in the last six years but I seem to see all the new horror movie trailers)

Maybe if you go to a one or two films a month, the repetition of trailers wouldn’t bother you.


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