Furious Six

I am not sure what I am missing in The Fast and Furious series.  I went to Furious Six and it was decent but nothing special.  If this movie is on my top ten list at the end of the year, it will have been a bad year at the movies.  I liked parts of it but I didn’t love any part of it.  I thought it was a bit long.

I have read that Vin Diesel keeps making these movies so that he can get another Riddick movie.   (It is the way the game is played and I think Emilo Estevez used to use the popularity of the Mighty Ducks series to arrange more personal projects.)  I guess Paul Walker likes a steady paycheck.  His movies outside the franchise have been mostly bombs.

This was not as fun as say GI JOE Retaliation.

Maybe if the two movies opening this weekend had been more interesting, I would not have given Furious Six a chance.  I still wasn’t tempted to try the new Hangover movie.  (That franchise has completely passed by me.)

I am surprised that Jason Statham wants to join someone else’s franchise.  That surprised me.


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