Movie Thoughts 5-31-2013

Now You See Me is getting mostly negative reviews.   This is the movie about magicians that moonlight as thieves. The cast is good but some of the reviews suggest that the script and direction are not.  I remember in the book Going to Pieces, the director of Terror Train mentioned his belief that stage magic doesn’t come across well on film.  (David Copperfield performed magic in the film.)  I wonder if that is true and if so, is it part of the reason the movie is getting poor reviews?

Some new reviews for After Earth have come out but not many are positive.  A lot of the reviews are making comments about director M. Night Shyamalan’s reputation for twists and turns.  One line was Shyamalan’s trick in this movie was to remove Will Smith’s charisma.  Didn’t Shyamalan  ever think that he was painting himself into a corner by becoming overly reliant on sudden plot twists?

There is going to be another Child’s Play movie.   Why? I thought that franchise was dead and gone.

Perhaps it is not a good weekend to go to the movies.


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