Earth 2 thoughts late May

Four issues of James Robinson’s run on Earth 2 are set to come out.  It won’t be enough.  I haven’t seen any more details on why Robinson is leaving DC comics.  Maybe it is better not to know.

The new Batman has arrived.  There are no hints to his identity.    Or there are no major hints.  This Batman kills people, so that’s a clue of sorts.  He didn’t get as much page time as I expected.  I’d guess he’s Terry Sloan but that is just a guess and probably a bad one.  Sloan has a position of power behind the scenes.

The Atom gets a bit more of a spotlight in this issue.   He seems more likable here than he did in his previous appearances.  I like the character a lot more than I did before this annual.

Captain Steel appears.  Is he a member of the Haywood family?    (Is there even a Heywood family on Earth 2?)

There have no been further announcements of the books future.  I expect the book to continue.  It’s selling well.  Maybe there will be news in the next three weeks or so.


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