This was a good show.  I never saw it when it was on TV but I have been watching it on Netflix.  I have watched several shows and will probably watch a few more this week.

Jerry O’Connell stars as Quinn Mallory and he develops a device that lets him travel to alternate worlds.  This was after his series My Secret Identity.  John Rhys-Davis stars as professor  Arturo (who was probably best known at the time for his role in Indiana Jones movies).   Sabrina Lloyd and Clevant Derrecks round out the cast (I wasn’t familiar with them before watching this series).

The alternate worlds are fun.   In one world, the British won the American Revolution.   Another one featured a world where the Russians conquered America.

This series really did inspire Marvel’s Exiles.   That was a fun series.

I like the idea that the amount time on each world before the next slide was random.  I think that was a good idea.   I guess it could have been okay if the time on each world was the same but  the varying times seemed to work.

I think this could be rebooted.


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