The Lincoln Lawyer series

Michael Connelly is best known for his series about LA Cop Harry Bosch but he also writes a very good series about lawyer Mickey Haller.  He is known as the Lincoln Lawyer because he does a lot of business out of his Lincoln town car.  (To be fair, this is more than just a nice gimmick.)  There are currently for novels in the series and the first book in the series was made into a good movie.

Haller is an interesting character.  He is a wheeler/dealer and not above a few shady stunts.  He has also two ex-wives and a daughter. One ex-wife is an assistant D.A.

There has not been a bad book in the series yet.

  • the Lincoln Lawyer
  • the Brass Verdict
  • the Reversal
  • the Fifth Witness
  • The Gods of Guilt (coming in December 2013)

If another movie is made from this series, it would be nice. If not, it is good that Connelly is continuing the series.


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