Star Trek Into Darkness

This was good but not great.  I think it had some nice points and I think it had some bad points.  I liked it but I did not love it.   I could have expected too much because it was supposed to come out in 2012.  (I think it was planned for 2012 but pushed back to convert to 3D).

The good points include Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike.  It was nice to see him again. (Spoiler, this is likely the last time he’ll be seen.) Zackary Quinto is good as Spock.  I think in general the cast was good, although Alice Eve won’t upstage Zoe Saldana anytime soon.  (To be fair, Zoe had the advantage of being a returning character.)

Bad points

The troupe of the villain wanting to be captured seems to have popped up a lot since the Dark Knight Returns.  Maybe it needs to be retired for a while.  It has only been in three or four films since the Dark Knight Returns but the troupe/cliché does feel a bit overdone.

Karl Urban did not have enough to do and neither did John Cho.  Those two felt a bit under served by the script.  It just feels like they were more important in the last movie.  Maybe they will get better chances in the next movie.

Peter Weller has been better.  (Does anyone else wonder if he and Bruce Greenwood talked about voicing Batman in animated movies?  I probably am the only one.)

There is at least one moment that should have felt bigger than it did.  (I cannot say more than that without spoiling the plot.) Or maybe the problem was I didn’t know how long the crew had served together (how much time had passed since the end of the first movie).

It comes close to having too much comic relief.

Overall, the movie was good but not great.  Maybe it will be good for there to be fresh blood in the director’s chair.  I am not anti-J.J. Abrams but maybe his move to Star Wars will be good for both franchises.


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