Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland

This is the second Spenser novel written by Ace Atkins after the death of Robert B. Parker.  It is good.  Atkins does a good job of recreating Parker’s style.

In this novel, Spenser’s old friend Henry Cimoli asks for his help.  Henry has never asked for help before, so Spenser feels reluctant to turn him down.  Someone is trying to intimidate condo owners to sell out.

I am surprised at how good this book is.  It really does seem like a classic Spenser novel.  In my opinion, the last bad Spenser novel was published over 12 or 15 years ago.

It seems odd that Hawk is not in the book.  Maybe he will be back in the next book.

There is a nice article in the Boston Globe about the process of selecting Atkins to take over writing Spenser novels.


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