Comic Book Thoughts May

The Eternal Warrior returns in his own series from Valiant Comics.  That might be interesting.   Greg Pak is writing and Trevor Hairsine is drawing.  Valiant is doing pretty well.  I wonder if the series is going to feature a lot of stories set in the past. Or it will be set in the present but with a lot of flashbacks?

Suicide Squad has a new writer, Ales Knot, and artist, Patrick Zircher. I think this will be the third writer on the book in under 2 years. The first issue of the new creative team got a good review from comic book resources.  Maybe it is worth checking out.

Mark Waid is writing Dare Devil, the Indestructible Hulk, the Green Hornet, and he’ll be adding the Fox soon for Archie/Red Circle.  He is busy.  I think is getting close to his third year on Dare Devil.  I wonder how he manages it.


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