Superman Unbound

This is the latest DC Universe Animated movie and it is pretty good.  In this one Superman and Supergirl confront Brainiac.   Brainiac has sent probes to Earth and Superman goes out to find Brainiac.  At the same time, Clark and Lois are having trouble in their relationship but this remains a subplot.

Matt Boomer does a good job as the voice of Superman.  He doesn’t sound like Tim Daly.  I think Tim Daly might be my favorite voice actor for Superman. I am not that familiar with Boomer, I don’t think I’ve seen more than a few episodes of his show White Collar.

Molly Quinn is good as the voice of Supergirl, her Supergirl is a bit younger and less cocky than the previous Supergirl seen in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Stant Katic is good as Lois Lane, she sounded a bit like Dana Delany.  Dana Delany will return as Lois in the Flashpoint Paradox.

John Noble does a good job as the voice of Brainiac.  I liked the voice of Brainiac from Justice League Unlimited a bit more. That voice was a bit creepier.

The designs are a little off.  They’re not terrible.  I hope this design is not used again.

I watched the preview of the next DC Universe Animated Movie, the Flashpoint Paradox.  That one looks promising.


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