Movie thoughts 5-6-2013

Alex Cross is getting a sequel.  I am not sure why.  It was not exactly a hit.  I still haven’t seen it but I seen enough reviews that suggest I haven’t missed anything.  Tyler Perry, for whatever talents he has or doesn’t have (if you are not a fan of his), might simply not be an action hero.  Some actors just aren’t.

A Haunted House is getting a sequel.  Oh well, that is another film I won’t see but I did not think the movie was successful.  Oh well, Cedric the Entertainer got a paycheck.  One critic wrote that Cedric’s name had never seemed so much like false advertising in a review of this movie.  (From what I have seen of the movie, sadly that might be  funnier than anything in the movie.)

Brad Pitt said in an interview about his movie World War Z that the movie started filming without a completed script.  Really?  Who thought that was a good idea?   Does this happen a lot?  (I guess that would explain a lot if it does. )  I still want to see World War Z, as of this typing, but I am a bit apprehensive.   If the reviews are terrible, I reserve the right to change my mind about seeing the movie.

I have listened to the audiobook by Max Brooks and it is a good book.  However it might not really be adaptable to a big screen action movie.  Maybe it would be better as a cable tv mini-series.  The previews for the movie look decent.

The Lone Ranger comes out in July.  Johnny Depp’s Tonto looks weird.  Maybe after a while of watching the movie, it won’t be distracting. Arnie Hammer is the Lone Ranger.  He might be good.


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