TV Thoughts May

ESPN spent a lot of time  covering the release of Tim Tebow from the Jets.  There was an article about it on awful  I am not sure why ESPN finds him so fascinating that he gets so much coverage/discussion.  I mean he was a backup who hardly played last season.  Of course to be fair the Dallas Cowboys get a lot of coverage for a team that has won 1 playoff game in the last six years.

The NFL Network and ESPN both did a good job on the draft.  I think the NFL Network did a slightly better job.  I think  Mike Mayock does a good job without too much clowning around.

Awful also has a list of the 10 worst reality shows starring athletes.  Terrell Owens was on  three of them and Chad Johnson/OchoCinco was on two.  The list also had Ryan Lochte’s reality show after just seeing one or two episodes.  (Wow, it must have been pretty bad.)

I wonder how NBC convinced Jay Leno to retire this time.  I think last time it was awkward for him because NBC came to him after they had a deal with Conan O’Brien to take over for him.   I think Jimmy Fallon will do well at the Tonight Show.  I guess this can lead to Bill  Cater’s next book if something goes wrong.


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