Iron Man 3

Well, this was good.  I liked the movie a lot.

Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man for the fourth time.  He cannot sleep.  He is traumatized by the events of the Avengers.  American is being threatened by a terrorist called the Mandarin.  At the same time, a person in charge of Advanced Idea Mechanics (also know as A.I.M.) is approaching Stark Industries about developing a new technology.   War Machine is now called the Iron Patriot.  (I am not sure why that change was made.   The movie explains it as a result of focus group testing.)

This movie is better than Iron Man 2, which I might have been too critical of in hindsight. If this is Robert Downey Jr’s last solo turn as Iron Man, it is a good one.

Shane Black takes over as director.  He does a good job.  He also co-wrote the movie.  Maybe changing directors really added more to the film than could ever really be explained.  It is really hard to know how Jon Favreau could have done given another chance.

It was a lot of fun to see all the other Iron Man armors.  I liked it that scene a lot.  My favorite Iron Man armor is the Silver Centurion armor from the 1980s.

The Man of Steel will have be really good to top this. This is the best film of 2013, so far.

Next major movie will be Star Trek Into Darkness.


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