Movie thoughts 4-25-2013

Iron Man 3 opens in 8 days.  Early reviews are good.  I think it should be good.  I wonder if this is the last time that Robert Downey Jr will play Iron Man in a solo movie.  Downey has expressed a desire to do something else or a belief that he’s getting too old to continue being Iron Man.  Replacing him might be really difficult.

I have no interest in Pain and Gain or the Big Wedding.   It looks like the Big Wedding was not previewed.  That is not a good sign and I think it was also delayed, which is also not a good sign.  I almost don’t want to say that Pain and Gain looks painfully bad but it looks pretty bad.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in 22 days.  It looks a bit more Earthbound than I’d like a Star Trek movie to be but it still looks good.  Maybe the next movie will go back to explore space.

In between Iron Man and Star Trek is the Great Gatsby movie.  I am not sure if that movie will be good but it will probably look great.  It might be good with those actors (DiCaprio, Mulligan, and Maguire).


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