Comic book thoughts 4-25-2013

The Scarlet Spider went to the Houston Livestock show and rodeo.  It was kind of cool.  The book continues, after a year and four months (that is not bad in today’s market). So far, the book seems to be standing on its own for the most part (I think there was a four part cross-over with Venom).  I like the recap page, it is pretty concise.

Avengers does read a little better in hardcover collection than as individual issues.  I still think the cast is too large.  I still think Sunspot and Cannonball aren’t getting adequate screen time (or page time ).  I think Wolverine and Spider-man could have been left off the expanded roster.  (No offense but I am not sure why Wolverine remains so popular.)   It is nice to see Shang Chi, the master of kung fu.   Maybe I’ll pick up the second hardcover collection.

Archie Comics/Red Circle Comics  is bringing back the Fox.  The Fox is a hero with a long history, going back to the 1940s.  Mark Waid is writing the new series.  (He’s a busy guy.) I am not sure what the plan for the new series is but it is nice to see Archie/Red Circle comics publishing more superhero comics.


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