Movie Thoughts 4-21-2013

The Place Beyond the Pines is good.  (It might not be fun but not all good movies are fun.  All fun movies might not be good.) It was nice to see Bradley Cooper in a movie outside of the Hangover series.  (I am not a fan of that series.)  He is pretty good in a more serious role.  Ryan Gosling is good too but that is probably not a surprise.

I didn’t go see Oblivion.  I saw a review suggesting that the movie is bad and some of the plot twists make  no sense.  The critic said that some of the plot twists might just exist to be plot twists.  I cannot remember the last movie I saw with plot twists that existed just to be plot twists.  Maybe if the movies opening next week don’t appeal to me, I might give Oblivion a chance.

The Way, Way Back looks to be good.  It looks like a more fun Adventureland.  I liked Adventureland, so that a more fun version seems like a good idea.  It is the second film in a year where Steve Carell is not playing a likable guy.  Is this some kind of career shakeup?   Is some agent saying “Steve, you need to show people that you can do more things” or “this could be a good chance to play against type?” Sam Rockwell is in it and he is usually good.

top five movies of 2013 so far

  • the Place Beyond the Pines
  • 42
  • the Last Stand
  • Olympus Has Fallen
  • Oz the Great and Powerful

It was not a bad first few months at the movies.



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