Movie Thoughts 4-19-2013

Tom Cruise’s new movie Oblivion is already doing well overseas.    I plan to go see it tomorrow.  I think it will be good.  Morgan Freeman is playing a villain, it seems from the trailer.  Reviews are decent.  “”If you’re able to forgive and forget, “Oblivion” isn’t a bad place to start loving Tom Cruise all over again.”  From the review in the Washington Post.   Maybe I never loved Tom Cruise but I have enjoyed a lot of his films.

There is a new Man of Steel trailer.  It looks good.  I am really starting to think this movie might be really good.  Henry Cavill looks to be a good choice.  Brandon Routh could have gotten another chance to play Superman but I guess it was decided to completely start over.

Of course I hopped that Superman Returns would be good and well, it wasn’t.  The movie was not a total failure but overall it might have been better to reboot the franchise.  (It is easy to say that in hindsight, I know.) The new biography of Superman (Superman the Unauthorized Biography by Glen Weldon) has some nice things to say about the movie.  (Yes, I have two biographies of Superman.)

This is the  post Roger Ebert movie review era.  I wonder if the Chicago Suntimes is going to formally replace him anytime soon.  I mean I like Richard Roeper but maybe someone more experienced be a good replacement.

Ryan Reynolds next movie R.I.P.D looks like a supernatural Men in Black rip-off but maybe it could be fun anyway.  Jeff Bridges is usually good.  Maybe this will be different enough from Men In Black that once the movie starts the similarities won’t be distracting.


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