Comic Book Thoughts Late April

Gambit’s series is still being published.  I might pick up the recent trade paperback.  The writer, James Asmus, of Gambit will be writing Quantum and Woody for Valiant comics and he seems pretty excited in the latest interview on Comic Book Resources.

Speaking of Valiant comics (a friend of mine would like that transition),  the company seems to be doing well.  The books are selling well, they have not over-expanded the line and some of the books  are getting good reviews.  The company wants to bring Shadowman to the big screen, so I guess the relaunch seems to be a success so far.  (I am not sure why Shadowman is the choice for the big screen.  Archer and Armstrong could be fun.)

Vibe’s series is actually good so far.  No, that was not a joke.  This is a new version of Vibe and he’s a little different from the original but he’s likable.

DC is adding another Superman title or 1 and 1/2 if you count the new Superman/Batman series.  I know some people might think that they’re publishing too many Superman comics but some of the other comics weren’t selling.   They’ve tried to expand the line of books but not everything is going to be a success. Oh well, if you think there are too many Superman comics, you can always buy something else.

I still miss Wally West.  (I hadn’t typed that in a while.)


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