The People vs George Lucas

I finally saw this movie, now that I have netflix.  It was kind of interesting but maybe not worth seeing again.  I am still thinking about it.

Here are some quick thoughts

  • Apparently people, except for kids, hate Jar Jar brinks
  • the Han no longer shot first change is still controversial
  • it might be ironic that Lucas fought against colorization of old films
  • his later changes of his own films doesn’t make him  hypercritical
  • the special editions were not well received
  • Episode 3 is not mentioned at all
  • Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Crystal Skull is mentioned more in passing

The whole idea of who owns a work of art is interesting.  I can understand being unhappy with your work and always wanting it to be better.  Once it is out there, it might be better just to move on.  One person in the movie said that all art is unfinished or incomplete.  I kind of liked that statement.  

I enjoyed the movie overall but there were a few times that I skipped over a scene or twp.  It might have been nice to hear more from Neil Gaiman and David Brin.  Maybe it would have been nice to them talk to each other.


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