Movie Thoughts April 11

The new Man of Steel movie is not heating up Fandigo.  The website had a poll about the most anticipated movies of the summer and Iron Man 3 was the most anticipated movie.   The Man of Steel did not make the top five.  I hope the movie is good and it succeeds.  (I hope Iron Man 3 is good too.)  To be fair, the last Iron Man movie was better than the last Superman movie.

The composer, Hans Zimmer,  of Man of Steel has spoken.  He didn’t say much but he said the movie is not a dark movie.  He said that was a bit intimidated by John William’s work on the previous Superman movies.

I am not sure why anyone is going to go to the new Scary Movie.  It does not look promising.  That might be a kind way of putting it.  I love going to movies as much as almost anyone I know and  I might be generous at times in my movie judgments.   I cannot see much reason to think that Scary Movie will be worth seeing.

Justin Lin has directed the last four Fast and Furious movies.  He is stepping out of the next film because Universal wants to have the next movie out next year,  He is saying that wouldn’t give him enough time to make a good movie.  Maybe Universal is wrong to want the next film to come out in 2014.


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