Mortal Kombat Re-watched

Yes, this movie is silly.  That is not always a bad thing.  This movie is based on the popular video game and it is a lot of fun.  Fighters are being gathered for a tournament to determine the fate of the world.  If this sounds like a plot for a movie that you wouldn’t watch, well I guess you didn’t watch this.  (I guess there is nothing I could say to convince someone who doesn’t watch those type of movies to watch it. )

Let’s met our three heroes

  • Johnny Cage is a martial arts film star who wants to prove he’s a legitmate film star and fighter
  • Sonia Blade is a military police woman who wants to capture an arms dealer
  • Liu Chang is a man who tried to run away from his destiny

(Liu Chang and Johny Cage develop sort of a buddy cop relationship during the film.  Johnny and Sonia in another movie would have developed a romance but there is not much time in Mortal Kombat for romance.)

The fighting scenes are fun.  Some of the actors are having a lot of fun.  The evil sorcerer Shang overacts.  It is fun though.  Christopher Lambert plays an Asian thunder god.  (I guess an Asian actor could have been found but he was kind of fun.)

Gene Siskel actually liked this movie.  There is a good clip of his review on You Tube.  Ebert didn’t like it.

This is not a great film but it is good.

Yes, it is silly but the movie embraces its silliness.  Or at least it does not apologize for its silliness.  Scorpion and Subzero look impressive on screen, even if they don’t display much personality.  I like the scene of Subzero freezing a gun.

The sequel might be best avoided.  I am pretty sure I’ve seen it but I think I can do without seeing it again.


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