Radio thoughts

NBC Sports radio is going to 24 hours in April.  Some of the shows are good and I think the show with Donavan McNabb and Mark Malone will be interesting.  Maybe it will be successful but CBS sports radio also launched recently.  I like some of the shows on that network too.  I don’t know if there is room for four or five sports radio networks and I think in four years one might be gone.  (I am not a fan of Fox Sports radio.)

I still have Sirius satellite radio and I am still enjoying it.  I don’t listen to it every day but I listen to it about four or five days a week. I will keep it for another year.  Channels I often listen to include

  • Carlin’s Corner
  • NFL Radio
  • Radio Classics
  • Cinemagic
  • Eighties on 8

I am still not sure why baseball works best on radio of the three major sports. It really is though.  Football is good on radio and so is basketball but baseball is better than both and it is even better than baseball on TV.


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