March movie wrap up

I did go to six films in March,  including the Croods as my animated movie.  I think it was a good month at the movies.

  • Spring Breakers was interesting but maybe not worth seeing again
  • I liked Jack the Giant Slayer but it was a bit too violent for what was otherwise a family film
  • I liked the fact that Oz the Great and Powerful didn’t end in a huge battle
  • the Croods was fun, maybe better than Rio but not as good as Toy Story 3 or UP
  • there was not a film I regretted seeing
  • it was not a good month for movie previews, maybe it was an average month

I did not go to the Call or the Host or Admission or the Incredible Burt Wonderstone or Tyler Perry’s Temptation.  I thought about a few of them but the reviews were mostly bad. (I think Tyler Perry’s movie was not screened for critics, which usually is not a good sign.) Also there were a lot  of options this month, so I waited in some cases for a better movie.

I was not tempted to see InApporiate Comedy.  The reviews were pretty bad and the preview was not interesting.  It is a bit late to parody Dirty Harry and those jokes looked lame.

There are maybe two or  three movies worth seeing next month.


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