DVD Bluray thoughts 3-24-2013

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey held up on Blu-ray but it is still a bit long. I still think a good five to ten minutes could have been trimmed (although it was still nice to see Ian Holm and Elijah Wood again). I have not sampled any of the bonus features yet.  It does look good, even on the small screen.

Les Miserables also holds up on Blu-ray. I think this is one of Hugh Jackman’s best films.  (It might be time to make that list.) Samantha Barks was good in her first movie.  Sasha Baron Cohn was good in his supporting role too.

I watched the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on Blu-ray recently.  It held up.  I would have watched the second part again but one movie felt like enough Harry Potter for one weekend.

I’ve been tempted to rent the last Twilight movie.  I have heard that the final battle is kind of awesome.


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