Comic book Thoughts March

Kurt Busiek is bringing back Astro City.  This is his creator owned series about superheroes and super-villains   It has been three years or since the last Astro City series.   Busiek has done some great comics over the years (Avengers, Thunderbolts, Iron Man, Marvels, among others) but Astro City is one of his best. This is not a heroes in the “real world” series.

Archie comics is coming out with a zombie series called Afterlife with Archie.  This sounds like a terrible idea or a cheap cash grab or both.  However the writer is experienced and the company brought back the Crusaders (successfully), so maybe this zombie comic might be good.

I bought the second (and sadly last) trade paperback of Justice League International (the recent series, not the classic one).  I miss that book and wish it had done better.  It had a good cast, the characterizations were good, and I liked the art.  Maybe some of the characters will re-surface later.


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