Movie Thoughts state of the industry

3D is not gone.  I was hopping that the 3D trend was ending but it looks like 3D is here to stay for another year or two at least.  Okay, it looks like the Disney movies will not be back on the big screen in 3D anymore and for now the original Star Wars movies aren’t coming back to the big screen in 3D.

Adam Sandler and Will Ferrel are now making sequels.  For years they just moved from project to project (even if those projects were fairly similar to each other) but their next two movies are sequels.  I wonder what that means or if it even means anything.  Are their stars dimming?

Twilight is gone but now studios are looking for the next Twilight.  The first  Twilight wannabe was Beautiful Creatures and that one died.  The Host might be the next one but it might not really count because that is based on only one book, not a series.

Is Vince Vaughn done if his next movie bombs?  His last movie the Watch bombed.  (It looked average at best and it was possibly below average.) The Dilemma barely broke even.

Speaking of the Dilemma, why do movies cost so much?  I mean that movie cost seventy million according to Wikipedia and it is not a big stunt filled/special effects film.  I know that Vaughn got paid but how could that movie cost so much?

Melissa McCarthy is, after the success of Bridesmaids, the next hot star.  Her first movie Identity Thief did well and she has a movie with Sandra Bullock coming out later this year.  I wonder how that movie will do.  Will audiences want to see her in two movies a year or will it be too much?

The superhero movie seems here to stay. Well, it is here for the next three or four years at least.  I guess the movies could start tanking but I think Marvel is already committed to another 4 or 5 movies after this year.

superhero movies coming out in the next three years

  • Iron Man 3
  • the Man of Steel
  • the Wolverine
  • Thor the Dark World
  • X-men Days of Future Past
  • the Amazing Spider-man 2
  • the Lone Ranger
  • Captain America the Winter Soldier
  • the Fantastic Four
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Ant-man
  • the Avengers 2

Even if two or three of these movie don’t happen, that is a lot of superhero movies.  Even if you don’t consider the Lone Ranger a superhero ( I do), that’s four superhero movies this year.  Is that too many?

Star Trek seems to be back and as popular as ever or at least as popular as it has been in the last 15 years or so.  Of course that could change if the new movie is not good.


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