Movie Thoughts 3-3-2013

Jack the Giant Slayer was good, not great.  It started a little slowly.  It had some nice moments and the acting is good but I would not pay 3D ticket prices (the extra $3-5 a ticket) for it.  Previews were a bit odd.  This is a pretty violent movie (probably too violent for any children under ten) but it had previews for two cartoons.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is reportedly back on track. Or at least, it might be back on track.  A studio is trying to make it and a writer has been hired.  This movie has been in pre-production or development for about 4 years,  I think it could be a good movie.

Tina Fey’s (and Paul Rudd’s) movie Admission opens this month.  I just don’t get her.  I didn’t really care for 30 Rock or her movie Date Night or her other movie Baby Mama.  Of course maybe Admission will be good.  I mean Real Steel was directed by Shawn Levy and none of his other films were  as good as that one turned out.

There is movie called the Last Exorcism Part II.  Isn’t that the worst title since the Never Ending Story 2?  Reviews are pretty bad but a few reviews mention Ashley Belll gives a good performance.


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