Francona and other book thoughts

Francona the Red Sox years is pretty good.  It was interesting and I liked the details about the trouble with trying to rebuild in Boston.  Apparently the fanbase, and a couple of people in ownership thought the team could or should contend every year.  Also the book details the time the Red Sox dumped Manny Ramirez but in hindsight it seems to me that the team took too much crap from him.

I listened to a new audiobook of F. Paul Wilson’s Conspiracies.  I liked it the reading and the book still holds up.  It was the third Repairman Jack novel and one of the better ones.

Max Allan Collins latest book is Seduction of the Innocent.  This is the third Jack Starr mystery set around comic books and comic strips.  It is about the book Seduction of the Innocent and its author’s claims against comic books.  Collin’s book is a fictionalized version of the story.  Collins says that he has no plans, currently, to write more Jack Starr novels.  It is a pretty good series.

Oddly around the time of the publication of Collin’s book, someone did more research on the real book by Fedric Wertham  and it seemed that book was even worse than I thought. “Wertham’s personal archives, however, show that the doctor revised children’s ages, distorted their quotes, omitted other causal factors and in general ‘played fast and loose with the data he gathered on comics’ ” according to Carol Tilley, a professor of library and information science.


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