Movie thoughts 3-2-2013

Jack the Giant Slayer is getting mixed reviews.  Some reviews are pretty bad but Richard Roeper liked it and sometimes I agree with him.  (Even when I don’t, I do like reading or watching his reviews.)  I might go see it later today.

21 and Over is apparently a Hangover knock-off for the younger set.  It looks pretty bad.  One critic hated it so much that he called Miles Teller “once promising”.  That is a tough critic (or maybe Teller’s last few movies were pretty bad).

Stoker is not playing in my non-select city,

I am still not tempted to check out the Movie 43.  Maybe I am getting older or maybe I am just a bit more trusting than I once was. Five or six years ago, I would have wanted to see it just to see if the movie was that bad.  I watched McGruber even two or three years ago on cable just to see if was that bad.  Now, I feel safe trusting a majority of critics that the movie is terrible.


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