DVD Thoughts early March

I think I still have my DVD of Freddy vs Jason.  I kind of want to see it again,  I’ve been watching Movie Defense Force series at the Escapist website and there was a video on Freddy vs, Jason.  I need to find my copy of Freddy vs Jason and maybe watch it this weekend.

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey comes out on DVD this month.  I”ll buy it and I already want to see it again.  I am a bit surprised that I am ready to see it again.

I have both Fantastic Four cartoons (the 1994 series and the 2006 series) on DVD.  I might watch a few this weekend.  Both are fun in their own way. Ant-man guest stars in an episode of the 2006 series that I remember liking a lot.  (I like Ant-man.)


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