Batman the Dark Knight Returns Part 2

This is pretty good.  In part 2, the Joker gets on a talk show and this leads to a final confrontation between him and Batman.  This part of the movie is creepy but it seems a bit hard to believe.  As dangerous as the Joker is, it just seems like a really bad idea to let him on a talk show.  (Or to let him out of prison or the asylum for any reason.)

Superman is ordered by the president to stop Batman.   It is pretty interesting.  I am still unsure what exactly happened to Green Arrow but it was nice to see him.

I think this is a little better than part 1. It is not as good as Batman Year One but I really liked that one.  Peter Weller returns as the voice of Batman,

The bonus features are good.  I watched the one about the new Superman Unbound movie and the one about Batman and Superman clashing.


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