Movie Thoughts 1-29-2013

I forgot about Copland when I was making a list of Stallone’s movies.  I had not seen it in a long time.  It was pretty good if I remember correctly and it was different from a lot of his movies. Well after I see Bullet in the Head, I can revise my list of Stallone movies.

There is a rumor that Jimmy Olson has been “recast” as a woman Jenny Olsen in the new Superman movie.  I guess it could work but I wonder why it was done or why it would be done (in case it has not been done).  Notice there seems to be no controversy yet about casting Lawrence Fshburne as Perry White.  (At least not yet.)

Lucas films/Disney is postponing putting out the last 2 Star Wars movies in 3D.  They say it is to concentrate on the new movie and that makes sense.  I am not sure how much it costs to convert a movie to 3D or how much effort it takes.

Movie 43 is reported to be really bad.  Richard Roeper’s review, he was filling in for Roger Ebert, is fun to read.  “Since 1999 I’ve been carrying a blue pill in my pocket, holding onto it for the moment when I’d truly need it. The pill, I was told, would instantly erase the memory of any movie — but just the one movie, just the one time.”  I like that paragraph.


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