Catman, the long time Batman villain, was a bit of a joke for years.  Okay, maybe he was more than a bit of a joke. Brad Meltzer did not care for the character and had him killed off in Green Arrow.  (Before he was killed off, he was fat and looked to be a loser.)

I did like the idea that he believed that his costume gave him nine lives. That was kind of neat and  he survived things that he probably should not have survived.  I think later writers dropped that idea.

Then writer Gail Simone put him in the Villains United series.  She saw him as more of an antihero. (Simone had him say that he had hit rock bottom when a Frenchman and a monkey did not think he was worth killing.)That series was successful and for a few years, Catman was a  star in the Secret Six series that followed.

He has not been seen since the New 52 started. I don’t know know if he will show up anytime soon.  It would be nice to see him again.

Catman is proof that some characters can be salvaged if a writer sees something in them.


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