Star Wars news and my thoughts

Well J.J. Abrams is apparently going to direct one of the new Star Wars movies.  That is odd.  I thought he said that he was too much of a fan to revive or reboot Star Wars.  I am not saying that he hates Star Trek or ever said that he hated Star Trek but he loves Star Wars.

On one hand, I think he will do a good job but I kind of wish he;d stay with Star Trek. I’d like him to get the revamped series off to a real solid footing before handing it over to someone else.  Maybe the second movie will really get the series off to a solid start.

On the Escapist website, there is a podcast that worries about one man directing both franchises.  I am not worried about that, I don’t think he is helping  write the script or involved in creating the story-line. I know he’ll have an influence but it will probably be less of an influence than he had on Star Trek.

Also Disney is talking about about doing 2 or 3 Star Wars movies a year.  It would be like Marvel comics movies. That will require multiple directors.

I think it will work out.


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