Movie thoughts 1-26-2013

possible list of the top five Sylvester Stallone movies

  • Rocky
  • Lock Up
  • First Blood
  • Rambo
  • Cliffhanger

He’s made some pretty forgettable films over the years and I think someone had to tell him that he shouldn’t try comedy.  (He made a few bad comedies and maybe a decent or semi-decent one.) I guess I could have put Demolition man on the list.

What does it say that my list of his possible best films doesn’t include anything from the last fifteen years?  Maybe it says he has not picked the best projects lately.  I mean while I liked the Expendables movies, they are not that good.

People did not go to the Last Stand, at least not a lot.  I guess Arnold’s time away from movies has dimmed his star power.  The movie is good,


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