Comic book thoughts January

Masks looks like it might be worth buying as a trade paperback or hard cover collection.  Maybe it won’t be a classic but from what I’ve seen so far it has an interesting premise and all the major heroes seem to be in character.  Also it looks like there will be at least one or two unexpected heroes popping up.

Gambit’s series looks to be doing okay.  Issue #10 comes out in April.  I think the first trade paperback comes out soon.  I might pick it up.

The new Justice League of America series starts soon.  Maybe it will be good. I wonder how it will be different than the Justice League series besides the cast,

Avengers might not be as good as I hoped.  I sampled issue #3 and it looked good artwise but I found the book too crowded.  It was nice to see Cannonball and Sunspot but they really didn’t have enough to do.  I am not sure who this Smasher is exactly.

A new X-men series is coming out and it will feature an all female cast.  That seems like a gimmick at first glance.


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