Book thoughts January

I picked up two of Max Allan Collins’ Mallory books for kindle.  This is his series about the mystery writer/amateur sleuth Mallory.  I think that he wrote five books in the series.  The series is pretty good.  I bought Nice Weekend for a Murder and a Shroud for Aquarius.  It would be nice if Collins brought the character back.

Robert Crais has a new book coming out this month.  It is not an Elvis Cole or Joe Pike novel.  I wonder what the response will be.  I have not enjoyed some of his side projects.

Reel Terror by David Konow is a good book.  It is about the history of horror films.  Maybe it could have been more detailed.  It is pretty good still.  I liked it, it makes a nice companion piece to Shock Value.  I think that line about M. Night Shyamaln’s ego could have better supported.  (What did he do exactly that demonstrated that runaway success changed him? Is it possible that he already had a massive ego and people just noticed it more after his success?)

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