Django Unchained

This is a good movie.  Jaime Fox, Christoph Waltz, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all good in their roles.  Samuel L. Jackson was a bit over the top but that might have been intentional. I think Fox made one or two forgettable films after Ray, so possibly people have forgotten how good an actor he is.  DiCaprio’s plantation owner is creepy.

Yes, the “n word” is used a lot in this movie.  It is set during the 1800s in the South, people used that word.  Some people still use it. (Do people in Mississippi ever get tired of their state being shown as one of the most racist states in the country?  Do people in Mississippi ever argue that Florida was just as bad?)

I am not sure if the modern music on the soundtrack is as funny or clever as it is meant to be.  Actually sometimes I found it a distracting. Yes, it is always nice to hear Jim Croce but that did take out of the setting of the film.

It was good but I am not sure I want to see it again anytime soon.  Maybe Fox will get an Oscar nomination and some good future roles.


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