Movie thoughts round up for 2012 part 1

I think it was a down year for comedies, romantic or otherwise. There were no great comedies.

  • The Campaign was fun up to a point until it went a bit too far.
  • Here Comes the Boom was fun.
  •  I liked American Reunion but not enough to buy it on DVD.
  • I liked Ted but not enough to buy it on DVD.
  • Jessie and Celeste Forever was pretty good.

It was a pretty good year for animated movies.  Maybe there was nothing quite as good as Toy Story.  All the movies I took my nieces and nephew to were fun and I thought Hotel Transylvania was fairly good.  Brave was good.  I didn’t see either Frankenweenie or Paranorman but I heard good things about both.

It was a good year for movies.  Argo and End of Watch were both really good even if they won’;t make my top ten list.  (I need to revise it.)  Looper was pretty good.  I liked the Total Recall remake, i am not sure why critics didn’t or maybe I was just in a generous mood.  I liked Flight but mostly for the performance of Denzil Washington.  I have to admit I would have been nervous flying the week after seeing the movie.

I resisted the urge to see the last Twilight movie.  Some critics suggested it was fun (maybe in a different way than the filmmakers intended it to be fun).  Oh well, maybe the film will pop up on cable later.  Apparently studios are looking for the next Twilight.


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