The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey

A friend convinced me to see the Hobbit.  He said it was really good and he was right. (I’ve already called and told him.  I expect he’ll remind me of my worries about the film the next time I see him.) I saw it in 2D.  I like 2D and I don’t feel I missed anything by not seeing it in 3D.  The movie looks great in 2D.

I think the prologue could have been scrapped.  It was nice to see Ian Holm and Elijah Wood but it slowed down the opening of the movie.  That is my only real complaint.  Maybe the next movie will get off to a quicker start.

Martin Freeman is good as Bilbo Baggins and Ian McKellen is still good as Gandalf.  Sylvester McCoy was fun as Radagast the Brown. (i hadn’t seen McCoy in a few years,)  It was nice to see, and hear, Christoper Lee.  Some of the dwarfs do get lost in the shuffle at times.

I am not going to speculate on how different the movie would have been if Guillemro del Toro had remained as director.  Maybe it would have different in  some was but he moved on to other projects.  Maybe  the change in directors will be featured as a bonus feature on the DVD.

I look forward to the next film.


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