Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise is Lee Child’s hero Jack Reacher in this movie based on Child’s novel One Shot.  A sniper has killed five people in a seemingly random attack.  A suspect is arrested and he writes a note saying “get Jack Reacher” to the district attorney.

Reahcer is a former army cop.  He has left the army and is living a low key existence   He is almost impossible to find or as impossible to find as it is possible to be in this day and age. (I guess if police or FB I really put effort to get a court order, they could find him.)  Reacher sees the news about the snipper attack and comes to investigate.  To no one’s surprise (in the audience at least), the shooting and its victims are less random than they first appear.

It is a good movie.  The acting is good and the action set pieces are good.  Cruise makes an interesting hero.  Likable would not be the correct word.  Yes, the character of the novels is bigger than Cruise but Cruise is good in the part.  Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall, and Rosamund Pike offer good support.  Werner Herzog is creepy as the villain.

This is a bit darker than the Mission Impossible series.


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