Comic book thoughts 12-21-2012

I think I’ll pick up Wonder Woman this month to see how Orion comes to Earth.  The preview pages look pretty good.  Maybe I should pick up the second hardback collection of the series when it comes out.

I picked issue 2 of Avengers and maybe I’m expecting too much.  It is better than issue one but I suspect that these villains will be fondly remembered. (If they don’t return anytime soon, I will be okay with that,) It was nice to see Cannonball and Sunspot.  I  wish more old school Avengers were on the team.  Oh well, Wonder Man and the Wasp are going to be in Uncanny Avengers.

Masks from Dynamite Comics looks good.  It might worth picking up in trade,  This is the series with Green Hornet, the Shadow, the Spider, and others teaming up.   The first issue featured art by Alex Ross but a new artist replaced him in issue two.


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