Earth 2 and Worlds’ Finest

Earth 2 continues to be good.   The Justice Society still has not formed but it was nice to see the Sandman and his Sandmen.  Also there is some intrigue in the world army as Terry Sloan, the smartest man on Earth 2, and Amar Khan, the commander of the world army, come into conflict.  Is Sloane evil or just ruthless in his pursuit of the greater good?

heroes coming up include

  • Captain Steel
  • Dr. Fate
  • the Red Tornado

Worlds’ Finest continues to be fun.  The two-part story guest starring Robin was fun.  It is nice to have artists George Perez and Kevin McGuire working.  Maybe Powergirl is a bit less assertive/aggressive than she used to be but it is still nice to have her headlining a series.  She is having fun being a billionaire.


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