Avengers by Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman has taken over Avengers after his successful run on Fantastic Four.  The first issue of the bi-weekly came out this year with art by Jerome Opena.  I am not familiar with Opena but the art looks pretty good.  He is not in the George Perez or Phil Jimenez league. (So few artists are but maybe they could found an artist closer to that level.)

This story starts sometime after the end of Avengers vs X-men.  Apparently Iron Man and Captain America have talked about the need of the Avengers to get bigger.  They’ve selected new recruits.  Later there is a  powerful but ill-defined menace on Mars (I had more fun typing “menace on Mars” than I did reading  the whole issue) and the Avengers (the movie team) go to Mars.

The Avengers are defeated and Captain America returns to earth (the villains send home).  Captain America summons some new Avengers (and some familiar ones),  They prepare to return to Mars.  Cannonball and Sunspot are Avengers   (Yes!)

Maybe I am expecting too much but at first glance this seems more interesting in theory than it does it in practice.  I guess maybe the villains will become interesting as the series progresses.  Or maybe they’re not meant to be interesting.  Maybe they are just the catalysts for the bigger team.

Hickman has no plans for Hank Pym, the last I checked.  Oh well, if Hickman doesn’t care for Hank, maybe that is for the best.



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