Movie Thoughts late november

I have been watching Movie Bob’s reviews and I have enjoyed them a lot, even when I disagree with him.  I do disagree with him on the Amazing Spider-man.  I enjoyed the movie but I can see some of his points.  I agree with him on tying Spider-man’s origin to the Lizard’s.  Maybe I like the movie more than I should.  I wonder if Movie Bob knowing about the troubled nature of the production influenced his thinking.

My list of upcoming movies that I want to see in 2013 has mostly sequels or remakes.  I am not sure if that says more about my taste in movies or the system of movie making in today’s market.  Maybe I should take a closer look at the 2013 release calendar.  I could have missed something.

Killing Them Softly comes out  this weekend.  I think it might be good.  It is based on a George V, Higgens novel and  stars Brad Pitt.  Previews look good and early reviews are good.


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