Movie Thoughts 11-22-2012

I did not go to the Red Dawn remake.  It is at 12% on Rotten Tomatoes.  I think that is a decent sign that the movie is not  good.  Maybe one critic can’t be right all the time but if enough critics think a movie it is bad, that is a sign.  The trailer looks decent, proving again that  it is hard to make a bad trailer. I guess  it is best to wait for the original to pop up on cable.

A friend at work told me that the Man with the Iron Fists is bad.  I guess it was the right choice not  to go. (Maybe some people should not be a writer/actor/director like RZA was in this movie.)  I am not tempted to go the movie to see if it is as bad as reports suggest.  I can wait for it to pop up on cable.

I was not that interested in Life of Pi.  I don’t know why.

Maybe I will go to a movie next weekend.


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