They Live

This is the 1998 John Carpenter movie about aliens taking over the world. Roddy Piper stars as a construction worker who discovers the aliens and the sunglasses that let him see them. The sunglasses also let him see him hidden messages.  (Money says “”this is your god”.)  Also the world is really in black and white, which I thought was a good touch.

The movie also features an epic fight scene.  It is a simple fight between two characters but it lasts  five and a half minutes.  At one point, I would have stopped fighting and put on the sun glasses.  Rotten Tomatoes lists this as the 7th best fight scene of all time.

Piper is really good.  It was his second lead role in a movie.  The movie moves at a good pace and there is so social commentary.   The aliens are exploiting the poor.  At one point a character says that Earth is the alien’s third world.

I guess it is somewhat similar to Men in Black but They Live is less comedic.

The movie is not Carpenter’s best, that is Halloween.


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