Ghostbusters 3?

Is there really going to be a Ghostbusters 3?  There have been rumors about it for years.  Many of the rumors suggest that Bill Murray is not interested.  (Not interested might be the most polite way to put it.)  The most recent rumor is that the movie won’t even film until fall 2013 at the earliest.

Maybe it might be better if there was not a Ghostbusters 3.  Maybe that franchise is better left alone.   The second Ghostbusters was not that good.  I remember it vaguely.  (It has been years since I’ve seen it and I am okay with that.)

Or course  it could be said that Men in Black is sort of similar to Ghostbusters and that franchise came back pretty strongly in 2012.  Maybe that demonstrates that there is hope.  Of course the Ghostbusters are pretty old, it might be painful to see the old crew back in action.

I guess a new group of Ghostbusters could work.   With a good script, four funny/likeable leads, and a good director, maybe the movie could work.  I think it could work but the actors would have been right for the part and also fairly young (no Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson).

Or maybe it might be best just to let the franchise rest.

I can’t decide.


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